23rd International Exhibition of Food Ingredients
18 - 20 February 2020 • Russia • Moscow • Crocus Expo IEC, pav.1, hall 1

Ingredients and raw materials for meat products

The creation of meat and sausage semi-finished products is considered a real art. Especially when it comes to ingredients for the meat industry. The quality level of the final product depends on the source code that is used during processing.

For this reason, you should take a responsible approach to the selection of contractors and select a reliable partner for yourself. Consumers are attracted by the incomparable taste characteristics and appearance of the produced masterpieces, therefore all the links used must be at a decent level.

The exhibition which will be held from February 18-20 will exhibit raw materials for the meat industry from domestic and foreign companies. All those present will be available to an impressive list of various lines, which are aimed at producing tasty and safe products of high quality.

Ingredients Russia will be the most demanded raw meat production. To it can be attributed:

  • Substances that contribute to moisture retention. This is flour, various types of starches (corn, wheat, rice) and other substances, due to which the appearance, shape, taste and juiciness are preserved.
  • Egg powder. It is operated instead of a link in the preparation of minced meat. Used to replace fresh eggs in which dangerous bacteria may be present. Ensures the safety of manufactured components.
  • Powdered milk. Serves to increase the nutritional value, allows you to increase the data of meat and sausage.
  • Various kinds of preservatives. Here is citric, sorbic acid, along with potassium sorbate and other components. They slow down the decomposition stages, prolonging the storage period. Indispensable when interacting with sausages, sausages or meatballs.
  • Emulsifiers. They are operated in the role of particles, which give the uniformity of minced meat. Relevant in the processing of sausage components.
  • Food additives for the meat industry. These are fat emulsions, palm oil and other links that should provide the desired degree of fat content during a decrease in the composition of more expensive fats of animal origin. With their help products gain tenderness.
  • Paste for churning. Gives the necessary indicators of density and stability. Due to this, airiness is acquired, moisture is retained.
  • Various kinds of spices will be able to emphasize the natural taste and aroma. They help to give the product specific shades.
  • Dyes. Give the attractiveness of natural color, reduce the number of fats of natural origin.

Ingredients for meat production have a direct impact on the structure of the chosen field as a whole. Our expositions are visited annually by representatives of plants that carry out meat and fat activities. It produces the slaughter and processing of livestock, along with the manufacture of semi-finished products.

We can not only find out the updated assortment of our segment, but also get advice from specialists, get samples for testing and enter into mutually beneficial cooperation. From a wide list of suppliers you can find the best option for yourself that will meet the stated objectives and goals.

At the exhibition will be collected all the leading companies that are constantly working to improve their positions and develop new proposals. After reading the new products, you can always be at the leading places in your field and surprise consumers with good parameters and unique taste.