23rd International Exhibition of Food Ingredients
18 - 20 February 2020 • Russia • Moscow • Crocus Expo IEC, pav.1, hall 1

Ingredients and raw materials for grocery products

Grocery is not for nothing called the queen of commerce. Grocery groceries - without which no one grocery store and more than one catering company. The choice of a conscientious, responsible and professional supplier of raw materials and ingredients is the number one priority for each manufacturer working in the field of grocery production.

What is the raw material for the grocery industry?

The list of groceries is huge, therefore, every enterprise engaged in the production of grocery products requires a variety of ingredients and raw materials:

  • Any types of flour and flour mixtures that are used to make pancakes, bakery, confectionery, etc., are made from wheat, rye and other cereals.
  • Cereals and their mixtures, as well as muesli, quick breakfasts are made from oats, buckwheat, rice, etc.
  • A separate group - beans, lentils, peas, derivatives of various leguminous plants.
  • Pasta - made from durum wheat.
  • Vegetable oils are the products of pressing the seeds and fruits of various plants (corn, olive, sunflower, linseed, etc.).
  • Ketchups, mayonnaise, sauces, giving the dishes a specific taste - complex products, which include vegetable oils, pastes, organic acids, fructose and other ingredients.
  • Spices that everyone has in the kitchen - sugar, salt, soda, as well as spices and seasonings - pepper, bay leaf, mustard, horseradish, yeast, vinegar, etc. Each direction involves a wide range of ingredients. So, halite, iodide, carbonates, fluorides are necessary for salt production. The raw material for sugar production is sugar beet, various chemical elements.
  • Dried fruits, seeds, nuts, dried vegetables - in addition to fruits, for their production requires a variety of food additives, salt, sugar.
  • Snacks - crackers, corn sticks, chips, popcorn, etc. A wide variety of spices and additives are used to make them: from ordinary salt, sugar and vegetable oil to flavorings, dyes, flavor enhancers.
  • Coffee, tea, cocoa, instant drinks - a separate large category of grocery products, the raw materials for which are tea leaves and coffee beans.

This is just a short list of a wide range of grocery products. In addition, various products in the same category can be given a variety of taste, physico-chemical properties with the help of various food additives.

The exhibition will feature a wide range of products needed by grocery manufacturers. The participants of the event are the best companies from Russia and other countries.

We are waiting for you on February 18-20 in Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC, pav. 1, hall 1.