23rd International Exhibition of Food Ingredients
18 - 20 February 2020 • Russia • Moscow • Crocus Expo IEC, pav.1, hall 1

Ingredients and raw materials for dairy products

Ingredients for the dairy industry are the basis for a successful business. This segment is the most "capricious", since the milk is easily spoiled and loses its taste properties. To create a worthy competition and get the first place in the market, you must responsibly choose companions for their business.

The exhibition will be visited by proven companies of domestic and foreign brands that are ready to offer only high-quality raw materials for the production of dairy products. They provide an opportunity to make product lines that will attract their taste and appearance, surprising shelf life.

In the role of basic elements, the following types are used

Milk. This is a key link, without which no stage of activity can be carried out.

It can be divided into several varieties that will be required for the development of many products:

  • Whole cow. Used to interact with most products.
  • Cream. It may vary in fat content. They contain a significant portion of fats, due to which they are able to be used as ingredients for dairy production with a high concentration of such links. It will not be possible to get sour cream or butter without cream.
  • Milk without fat. Since it has a lower energy value, it can be used when working with dietary options.
  • Buttermilk. This is a substance that is between whole and skimmed milk in terms of fat content. Suitable for balancing the amount of fat.
  • Serum. It is a liquid that is formed after decanting or rolling up the milk. It remains after cooking cheeses, curd masses. Can be used for glazed or melted curd bars, condensed milk.

Food additives in the dairy industry are also in demand in order to endow the manufactured goods with all the declared data. They help to optimize technologies and satisfy all the requirements of various layers of consumers.

These components include:

  • Analogues of fats of dairy origin. Acquired as raw materials for the production of dairy products. Allow to reduce the cost of the source material and obtain the desired proportion of viscosity, appearance, structure and taste characteristics.
  • Flavors. These include vanilla, liquid elements with numerous flavors (chocolate, berries, nuts). They are responsible for enhancing certain tastes and make the product more attractive to customers.
  • Stabilizers (starch, gelatin and other categories). They maintain the proper proportions of viscosity. Often selected as a thickener to normalize the water balance and prolong the storage period. They help prevent delamination.
  • Dyes. Required to enhance the natural shade or set the desired color.
  • Top ping is suitable for endowing taste completeness and appeal.
  • Cocoa is in demand with the release of chocolate ice cream, cream assortment and chocolate desserts.

All of the above range will help in the invention of new products or allows you to adjust the taste, texture and aesthetic components, improving performance. With their help, already familiar products will receive updated notes, luring more buyers. This will increase sales in enterprises and take a leading position in the market.

Raw milk production is considered an indispensable link in this area.

Without them, it is impossible to imagine the manufacture of many popular products:

  • fermented milk;
  • cottage cheese, curd mass, along with desserts;
  • cheeses;
  • ice cream.

For each subspecies come up with unique recipes, through which you can solve the planned goal. Ingredients Russia will present food additives for the dairy industry, thanks to which the raw materials produced will reach a higher level of quality.

Our expositions annually visit milk processing plants that work with large orders. Here they will be able to get acquainted with updates and improvements in their field and find out the suppliers who offer favorable conditions.

Due to the impressive list of proposed positions, we can choose for ourselves the ways that are necessary for technological processes and the implementation of the tasks. From February 18-20, all guests will have a chance to study the novelties of the milk, take samples for testing and decide on suitable proposals for cooperation. Even the most fastidious producer will be able to find for himself an option that matches his goals and demands.