23rd International Exhibition of Food Ingredients
18 - 20 February 2020 • Russia • Moscow • Crocus Expo IEC, pav.1, hall 1

Ingredients and raw materials for confectionery and bakery

From February 18-20, an exhibition will be held in Moscow, where confectionery raw materials will be presented. According to the monitoring, which is carried out by the management of the Ingredients Russia exhibition, almost 40% of the guests go here. These days, you can master the updated lines for the pastry chef and choose for yourself a suitable supplier of confectionery raw materials.

Confectionery raw materials

Technologists are always on the lookout for and consider the raw materials for bakery production, due to which they can surprise their customers by improving the features of the invented cookies. The popularity of the master and the demand for his masterpieces will depend on the recipe being created. All those present can choose from a considerable list, among which you can choose the best variation.

Here you can see the following ingredients for confectionery production:

  • sugar;
  • glucose;
  • molasses;
  • dessert paste;
  • varieties of honey;
  • fat;
  • dairy products and milk;
  • eggs and egg products;
  • cocoa;
  • semi-finished products from fruits and berries;
  • flour;
  • flavoring and aroma additives;
  • food additives for bakery production;
  • chemical disintegrators.

You can get the required aromatic features not only thanks to the internal filling, but also by adding flavors. An impressive catalog of flavors with flavors is able to satisfy the most sophisticated gourmets. At the celebration will be exhibited variations of fruits, berries, milk, chocolate, vanilla and nuts, thanks to which the creations will get an unusual taste. Reliable confectionery raw materials improves the taste of baking and its visual appeal. There will be an opportunity to give languor and enveloping aftertaste.

Large contractors will gather in Moscow. All guests will receive the right to explore new products and choose a partner for their goals. There will be manufacturers of starches and other components, without which the work of the pastry is not possible.

Pastry Ingredients

Stir confectioners cause substances that perform the function of the decor. They consist of dried fruit, coconut chips, nuts, all sorts of spices and puffed rice. We will be offered aesthetic dressings that stand out to their taste and appearance.

During the visit, you can familiarize yourself with the assortment in order to further order confectionery in bulk, improving your knowledge, luring new customers with the help of high-quality goods. All sold components are fully edible, they are simple in their use, effectively located on the dessert and act as an aesthetic part.

The personality, brightness and palatability of the creations will be given by ready-made chocolate or berry coatings, weightless icing sugar or coconut chips. Thanks to an impressive selection of nuts with dried fruits, seeds, the dough will receive an auxiliary taste flavor, in which each person will find the best raw materials for confectionery production.

You can find out the latest news at the Ingredients Russia exhibition.
Here, each visitor will be able to consult with experts, get a lot of mutually beneficial offers of cooperation, take samples of the goods offered. You can become a professional, if you are in the market, study all trends and make a rational assessment of your capabilities. A visit to the exhibition will reveal additional steps for financial growth at the expense of ingredients for confectionery.

Raw materials for confectionery

Diversity in the field of nutrition, a large selection of tastes and aromas, along with attractive decor and forms, immediately catch the eye. Consumer opinion stops on what stands out from the general plan.

Use the demand for things that are in the efforts of a professional. The works are in the details and the choice of worthy ingredients for confectionery and bakery products.
Appropriate components provide positive characteristics that will help you gain success in your segment. Going to this event, our customers get access to high-quality products. According to statistics, many find at our event raw materials for the confectionery factory and are successful in their work.

Raw materials for confectionery production

Everyone knows that this industry is considered the most “beautiful”, as it produces delicious links that allow you to create delicious pastries. Large-scale assortment is caused by the presence of a wide range of bakery and confectionery raw materials, among which there are natural products, as well as artificial origin. They are indispensable when working with sweet flour substances.
Such products have a high concentration of sugar and fat in the basic composition. Due to this feature, other elements interact well, revealing improved details in prepared desserts. The dough used will depend on the quantity of confectionary materials required to produce the planned work of art.

To get a delight from fresh buns or dessert, you first need to pay attention to the manufacturer. At the event, there are representatives of only a high-quality line, with whom you can conclude a contract for the purchase of ingredients for confectionery in bulk.
Every year, respectable enterprises come to our expositions, which constantly monitor the invention of improved business components that influence certain processes of a mechanical or chemical nature in baking.
Confectionery suppliers always work on improving their skills and offer the best ideas. A visit to this event will allow you to be the first to know about all changes in the selected area and take the leading place.

At the moment, there is a violation of clear boundaries between the ingredients for the bakery production and confectionery. This is due to the fact that nuts are used not only in making cakes and pies, but also when baking bread. Grain mixtures have long been used for pastry chefs.

Visiting our exhibition, you can see the raw materials for confectionery, among which there are numerous positions of yeast, bran, herbs, spices, food additives and mixtures.

The proposed options are aimed at improving the taste of bread and increasing the demand of the goods. Responsible approach to the selection of contractors increases the chances of success, adds ways to realize individuality. The confectionery ingredients that will be displayed here will allow you to create unique notes in the cookies and make them special not only in the aesthetic part, but also in the filling.
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